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Category: Low Fare Shopping
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Updated On: Thursday, August 03, 2017
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The solution that Travelfusion is developing will bring LCC (Low Cost Carrier) directly to any agency desktop application. The solution offers full automation at the search, booking (including profile retrieval) and the creation of a PNR and seamlessly integrates with the agent’s standard processes and work flow.

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  • S PIERA May 15, 2015

    We want to ask for a couple of enhancements for this app. 1) Is it possible to launch the app only when adding a qualifier in the availability command in order to avoid it automatically start every time the agent perform a request? 2) Is it possibile to automatically create the PAC lines for backoffice purpose in the passive pnr? Moreover we want to point out an issue just with U2 where the app does not create the YK pnr. Best Regards, The Sabre CSS Italian Team

    August 1, 2017
    - Connetivity test added. - PCC availability test added. - PNR extraction improved. - Plugins merged into a single-item Red app.
      Travelfusion Ltd

      Travelfusion Ltd

      Travelfusion's Direct Connect XML API provides the core that powers all parts of its aggregation solutions. The platform has been designed on location-based journey planning foundations with flexible content aggregation modules. Special tools have been developed to manage and automate the aggregation process and customers and users can easily access millions of daily routes, timetables, fares, hotel descriptions, holidays and deals that have been aggregated from hundreds of travel suppliers.

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