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Updated On: Friday, March 30, 2018


SummitLink® for Sabre Red is targeted towards agencies booking chauffeured transportation for organization entities and others. Often used by travel agencies supporting clients already using SummitLink® for self service, SummitLink® provides the ability for agents to quickly make and manage reservations either with their clients preferred car services or with providers comprising the SummitLink® car affiliate network. SummitLink® leverages the information already in the PNR to streamline the reservation process while also updating the PNR with car service segment information. SummitLink® provides many unique capabilities including the ability to configure the solution on a client-by-client basis to allow for unique client and agency requirements such as the use of price quoting, charge allocation values, direct and/or credit card billing, and more. Real-time electronic communications with the car companies ensures quick and accurate reservations. Improve your ground experience today!

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April 14, 2015
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    SummitQwest's Ground Transportation Services brings a better booker and passenger experience with chauffeured transportation by helping to create an efficient and effective marketplace for car service. With our market leading SummitLInk technology, you can quickly find and book chauffeured transportation in every major city worldwide at prices significantly lower than normal standard prices for the same service. Through real-time, direct, electronic communication with car companies worldwide you can make and manage accurate reservations through an optimized process based on your requirements. For those looking to better manage their car service programs, we also offer our state-of-the-art SummitGround technology.

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