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Sports Events 365
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Get tickets and all useful info on live sports events, concerts and shows. Our events and tickets may be a reason to travel for some, and a very special and favorite add-on for others. Each event in our database of 50,000 yearly events is unique in the sense that it is a one-time offer, unlike any other activity. Many times the events are sold out or the tickets are hard to get, so, your clients will not forget that you've helped them. On top, we offer the tickets to you in Nett rates for travel professionals. We offer a high standard B2B support to match your service standards and a full guaranty to supply, 7 days a week assistance to you and your clients, and additional tools: Group quotes and allocations, Web solutions, training, in short, a lot of extra support so you will always feel absolutly safe even if you've never dealt with sports travel.

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    Sports Events 365

    Sports Events 365

    Established in 2006, Sports Events 365 is one of the largest and most reliable sports & shows ticket vendor for travelers. With a focus on European football, but featuring many other sports types as well as concerts and shows, worldwide, SE365 offer its business partners a global reach for in-demand, popular tickets that are hard to get. SE365 focus on developing Web solutions and additional tools for Travel related businesses, including the Sports Events 365 App for Sabre Red, that is based on a huge database of 60,000 yearly events. Growing clientele with strategic cooperation with bodies such as Lufthansa, Expedia, WIN - Worldwide Independent Travel Network, large networks and hundreds of independent travel agencies and TOs already tested and approved our standards of service.

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