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Updated On: Thursday, January 30, 2020

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The Sabre Virtual Payments LCC Air Red App generates virtual cards for low cost carrier bookings, which have specific booking and payment processes. The app requests and receives virtual card credentials, which can then in turn be used to complete the booking and payment processes for low cost carrier transactions. The Sabre Virtual Payments LCC Air App brings together the virtual card security benefits, and enhanced virtual card credentials, to offer a streamlined booking and payment solution for low cost carriers.

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December 16, 2019
• Extended Custom Data Fields Sourcing Capabilities: additional data capture from the PNR: Name Reference & Customer DK Number • Improved the Merge Segments Process: new check box “Merge to PNR” to select the flight segment to be merged • Streamlined the Fast Card Selection: the Fast Card field moved to the top of the itinerary section preventing from unnecessary input of the flight details • Enhanced Date Input: adoption of the date fields to enable the date to be added manually with text DDMMM, without the need of using the calendar display • Refined the Traveler and Itinerary Section: New buttons: “+“ and “-“ to allow not only adding, but also deleting traveler and itinerary segment’s lines Defects resolved: • The PNR segments are now being read and populated into the itinerary section within the first screen of the app also for the fast card update process • The merge segment details to PNR functionality is now being supported also when selected at the fast card update process
July 16, 2019
Fixed defects: • A fast card update process omitting the Supplier Confirmation when pulling the flight data into the itinerary section of the application • Custom Data Fields not being populated into the application from the PNR remarks
April 29, 2019
New Features: • ‘Premium Economy’ added to ‘Cabin’ drop down list in the Itinerary Section • Optional OTH segment creation based on the Ancillary Services data • ‘Extend End Charge Date’ for Ancillaries to extend the current charge date from 48 hours to the date stated • Adoptions to the new PQ record formatting to support the Instant Purchase process • New button ‘Add Ancillary’ built into the Ancillary Services section, enabling to add more than 4 lines of ancillaries • The PNR assignment information is now being passed along with the update deployment process to reconciliation also in cases when the Sabre Record Locator is obtained as the result of running the application • Sabre Web Services adoptions: TiR (Travel Itinerary Read) upgrade to GetReservation Fixes: • Corrected the update of the original deployment remark with the additional amount upon the ‘Associated Ancillary – Previous Deployment’ is being used • Amended the layout of the calendar display at date selection
January 9, 2018
• Streamlined the Fast Card Update Process • Improved the Fast Card Blocking Process • New Process for Non-Air Ancillaries • Auto End PNR • Supplier Name • Defects resolved impacting performance • Fast Card Ancillaries
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