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Sabre Rail 2.0
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Updated On: Thursday, September 1, 2022

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Sabre Rail, a fully graphical, keyboard-driven application free to download from the Sabre Red App Centre today. Currently available for agencies licensed by the local Rail Service Provider. The slick, easy to use application is built into your Sabre Red Workspace, so you can shop and book a full range of rail options in one place. All PNR and profile information is completely synchronized between booking systems and automatically merged back for you. With unmatched pre- and post-booking capabilities including seamless ticketing, refunds and exchanges, you will find it quicker and easier than ever before to offer your customers a rounded travel experience including multiple rail options. This product is only available since SRW 360 19.6 and SRW 2.19.6.

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August 29, 2022
Version 2.2.8 includes the following features: - Book SNCF multi-destination journeys - After-sales session management for Eurostar (exchange and refund) - fix of blocked operations - New card names in Sabre Profiles for Thalys My World and Club Eurostar - Updated SNCF card names
June 28, 2022
Version 2.2.7 includes following features: Shop, book, and issue itineraries with different vendors by applying common delivery type. New way of adding passengers. Default age set to 40. Passenger types removed. Enhanced display and information on Passenger's screen and Offers Matrix. New date and time settings. 12-hour clock time available to be chosen. Both 9F and ES Eurostar codes for discounts supported in Profiles. Emails and phone numbers from CPR profile available. Pure SNCF rail cards don't require all information in Sabre Profile to be filled. Corporate number applied to the rail card offer displayed in the offers table. Fluo card for dedicated TER region and Billet Accompagnant Carte Liberte added
April 14, 2022
Version 2.2.6 includes following features: - Possibility to shop, book and issue police (no rail card required) and military fares (military fares with rail cards). - ‘My Thalys World’ card available in Sabre Rail 2.0 cards list. - Possibility to book and issue tickets for TER Nomad, - Seat and coach number fix. - Rail cards added to the reservation without error message (Note: card number, card type and date of birth of the owner should match with the data in SNCF database). (Optional and mandatory fields requirements reviewed and fixed). - ‘CZC’ code will be added in the Sales Report to indicate and identify sales made for all commercial cards and subscription sales.
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