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Updated On: Thursday, October 15, 2020


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Sabre Rail, a fully graphical, keyboard-driven application free to download from the Sabre Red App Centre today. Currently available for agencies licensed by the local Rail Service Provider. The slick, easy to use application is built into your Sabre Red Workspace, so you can shop and book a full range of rail options in one place. All PNR and profile information is completely synchronized between booking systems and automatically merged back for you. With unmatched pre- and post-booking capabilities including seamless ticketing, refunds and exchanges, you will find it quicker and easier than ever before to offer your customers a rounded travel experience including multiple rail options. This product is only available since SRW 360 19.6 and SRW 2.19.6.

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October 13, 2020
Version 2.0.10 enables the following features: •    Change to public API. Improvement: •    Bugfix - corrected the way of displaying the seat map component.
October 2, 2020
Version 2.0.9 enables following features: • FCE Code - Ability to select FCE code provider. UX Improvement: • Bugfix - Taking loyalty card number and overwrites PLIB fare code when exchanging • Remove input text stays in the drop down • Remove drop-down arrow if only one ticketing type is available • Display message if PAO order ID is incorrect or not found
August 17, 2020
Version 2.0.8 enables following features: • Removing extra space in the french report names • Translations types in PNR History • Removing loading only "+" in the telephone number field which fails validation • SRW .jar bundle exceeds the maximal size of 12MB (exception for this release) • Correction from and to, in reverse does not work properly
July 20, 2020
Version 2.0.7 enables following features: • Display (SNCF) PNR history from trip summary screen • Generate monthly and/or daily sales summary reports • Traveler types are now being determined by age range on shopping screen • Changes to aftersales process for TER+TGV combined offers. (re-issue only TGV after void) • Indicator on shopping screen if travel time/date is on a different day than requested • Number of remaining seats for a specific offer indicated in shopping results
March 17, 2020
• Enable complete booking flow for trains connections: o Issue tickets o Get travel documents for Electronic tickets o PNR synchronization o Void • Seat maps and seat preferences • Get rail cards data – prefill traveler info in the prebook process / prefill customer info in the cards prebook process • Refund & Exchange • Load traveler profile from Sabre PNR (rail profile remarks) • PNR handling o Extend PNR synchronization with possibility to end PNR and return PNR locator PNR overview & display PNR in the background in Host o Add possibility to send DIN command • User settings o Add possibility to configure in the user settings the default behavior for PNR synchronization (End PNR or not) • Improvements o Return Rail card type after void o Return proper status for orders/order items after exchange and refund
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