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Category: Productivity Tools
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Updated On: Friday, June 24, 2016

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QBotic Queue Filter

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Looking for an upgrade seat? Lower fare? Better time? Tired of spending your whole day searching for availability? KLeer automatically looks for available seats on flights that are currently sold out. Just put a couple of remarks into a PNR, place it on the KLeer queue, and let KLeer do the rest. You can ask KLeer to look for seats on multiple flights and classes within the same PNR. When KLeer finds a seat you will be notified by email, text message, queue placing the PNR, or any combination of these. KLeer will even attempt to book the seat for you unless you ask us not to. Want to find out more? Just download the app and start a free 30 day trial. When you’re ready you can subscribe right inside the app using a credit card or Paypal account. The cost? $499 USD per PCC per year. That’s it. Could it be more KLeer? Get started today!

Training videos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zQXAowgeekU&list=PLV6IqlWoYWWSGVQIqbFm1YuR7M8T96mwi

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  • GIANNIS VEROUCHIS November 27, 2017

    An amazing application for every travel agent. A silent colleague who works for us 24h. Cloud service is more efficient than the standard version. Never stops, no need for restarts, no need for checks. In the first trial week we have earnt the annual fee. Excellent support team.

  • MARIOS MOURTZIS October 12, 2016

    KLeer is an absolute must buy for every Sabre user. Just give it a try, you will most likely save the annual fee many times over just in the trial period.

  • MARC JULICHER July 6, 2016

    KLeer is one of those Apps that we just cannot do without - it is that good! We enter the flight classes we are searching for and the program does the rest. The client savings that we have been able to deliver as the program finds those last available seats has proved invaluable to our clients yearly travel spend. Fantastic!

  • J KELLY December 9, 2015

    KLeer makes the process of finding last seat availability seamless and efficient. Easy to implement and simple to use.

  • S UNAL December 1, 2015

    Very useful and became more practical with helper script which makes more easy to enter remarks. You can find this script at https://taredappkleer.com/downloads .

    June 17, 2016
    Replace existing segments. Set a request for a connection. Fewer side bar buttons.
      Travel Automation Management Company

      Travel Automation Management Company

      Travel Automation Management Company was established in 1989 in Ann Arbor, Michigan USA. Our first products were designed for travel agencies and were primarily focused on generic work flow management. Over the years we have expanded our product offering to include both generic and custom workflow management.

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