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HotelHub for Sabre Red
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Updated On: Monday, June 19, 2023


Currently available for agencies globally, HotelHub allows you to book any hotel anywhere at any time. With over 2 million unique hotels, HotelHub has one of the world’s most comprehensive hotel databases.

HotelHub aggregates Sabre and the agency’s non-GDS Aggregators content into one system making it easy to compare and shop rates from multiple sources and make your hotel bookings more efficient.

HotelHub seamlessly integrates with the agent’s SabreRed environment. HotelHub can read the PNR in the agent’s GDS workspace and prepopulate the hotel booking with the traveller profile, travel dates and locations. This minimises repetition by the agent, ensures accuracy and delivers an efficient workflow by reducing the time an agent spends on booking hotels with substantial productivity benefits.

Go to https://www.hotelhub.com/hotelconnect/ for further information.

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June 6, 2022
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    Travel Centric Technology

    Travel Centric Technology


    Travel Centric Technology (TCT) was founded in 2008 by a team with over 19 years’ experience in business travel technology innovation.

    Our products and services help travel management companies improve their hotel product offering to their corporate customers without the risks associated with developing complex technology solutions in-house while providing them choices in technology and content partners to retain their independence.

    As an independent, young and innovative company, we do not have any legacy systems or processes that constrain our creativity or innovative passion. 

    Our business is geared around the success of our customers.

    Visit http://travelcentrictechnology.com for more information about us

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