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Updated On: Monday, January 09, 2017


Historical Pricing Red App simplifies the process to obtain pricing information for itineraries containing flown/historical segments.  Presented in an easy-to-use Sabre Red App, productivity is improved, saving minutes in the process.

Increased productivity saving approximately 5 minutes for each occurrence. Historical Pricing Red App simplifies and expedites the process to price an itinerary including flown/historical segments and typical use of the App includes:

·         Refund and Exchange pricing calculations - When customers do not have access to the ticket (for example non-IATA agencies) Refund/Exchange pricing tools (Automated Exchanges, Refunds and Exchanges) cannot be used.  This App allows the user to gain a pricing result that can be used when calculating refund and exchange.

·         Auditing – for those customer requiring pricing of flown segments for auditing purposes, this App allows easy verification of flown segment pricing.


The Historical Pricing Red App supports a range of features designed to simplify and expedite the process of flown segment pricing.  Features include:

  • The ability to price a PNR with flown/historical segments to obtain a single price
  • The ability to use No PNR Pricing with flown/historical segments to obtain an applicable range of prices
  • Automatic population of segments from both history and the live PNR into the Red App when accessing the App from a PNR
  • The ability to add/delete/modify segments in the Red App, in order to build the exact request required for flown segment/historical pricing
  • The range of qualifiers required to target specific prices, such as account code, PTC

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  • RICK GERTLER June 18, 2018

    This app doesnt work on the new Sabre Red Workspace which is to be replacing the older Sabre Red version in 2018. This application has been buils as a single version in 2016 and has never been updated. The application advises to contat the develeper at 'Florencia.Couto@Sabre.com', but this email address is no longer available in Sabre.com. An update or additional information would be great. Rick.Gertler@altour.com

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