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Group Wizard
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Category: Productivity Tools
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Updated On: Wednesday, May 31, 2023


The Group Wizard App makes it a breeze to book group travel! This app features a user-friendly graphical interface which helps simplify the group booking process.  Through its integration with Sabre Red Workspace, you can manage your groups, select seats, create PNRs, and issue tickets.  Download the Group Wizard app today to streamline the group booking process - increase productivity, save time, reduce errors and avoid synchronization issues.


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  • DAVID CONCEICAO July 20, 2017

    Great App, makes group bookings much earlier to view and manage. Very much like the excel document that allows you to upload names rather than adding one by one.

  • Anonymous April 19, 2016

    Beatiful App. Very convinient to issue book/claim flight. Ammend details. !!! Amazing ticket issue !!!!

  • MARC JULICHER January 9, 2016

    The App Manual Guide does not open, can you fix this please

  • Anonymous January 7, 2016

    amazing app, very helpful

    May 30, 2023
    UDID fixes
    November 27, 2022
    Names tab - adding SSRCTCE in name file loading when email exist in the file DVD/CLN tab - allow divide action for passive bookings Ticketing tab - IR entry is added to the beginning of each ticketing transaction to prevent sim.changes UDID beta - creating quality assurance remarks to be added to the PNR Issue tickets from Queue Travel itinerary - adding the ability to save PDF into a zip file Manifest - single - create passive bookings when 'Auto Mask' is turned on in the TJR create passive bookings with other action codes like YK/DS export the flight selection in HTML with email settings Offers - added long connection option to selecet min/max minutes added 'All' option to maximum number of connections added mark up per person added CO2 emission display for flights selection
    September 19, 2022
    Removed the Feedback pop up Book Fixed Copy-Paste 1A Ticketing Added IR before ticketing Handle conjunction tkt Display All groups display and sort ITA in travel itinerary Manifest Fixed the flight hours Added ‘Only carriers’ Export from Queue w/qualifiers Export flight selection Multi account codes
    June 8, 2022
    - create passive DL group PNR - PNR statistics in the Display tab - Export offers to HTML outlook - expand offers to 20X20 origins-destinations - Shopping offers priority drop down - Save default settings for Travel Itinerary - Added groups documentation in Help tab
    October 28, 2021
    Add profile from file fixes
    July 29, 2021
    Manifest offers and enhancements, Book date tracker, remarks, OSI, OTH, Associated remarks, read email from file
    February 15, 2021
    enhance manifest manager
    October 15, 2020
    enhance manifest manager
    November 14, 2019
    enhance manifest manager
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