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Updated On: Wednesday, December 13, 2017


GroundSpan is a revolutionary platform uniquely developed to accelerate the automation of ground transportation reservations from travel Agencies and corporate booking tools. GroundSpan is exclusively focused on development of applications for the automation of ground transportation bookings and expense reporting, harnessing the collective institutional knowledge of its founders and their experience of over 25 years in the ground transportation industry. The GroundSpan platform will bring together agencies, travelers and ground transportation companies into a marketplace that is accessible from anywhere and at any time.

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  • GREGORY STEWART November 26, 2018

    I have attempted to use a few different Sabre Red Apps, and generally speaking they are all pretty poor. Groundspan is the exception. The app is super quick. It does have some small issues, but it makes booking ground transportation consistent and quick.


    Groundspan is a proven ground transportation technology company offering automated ground booking compatibilities through TMCs, GDS systems and CBTs. Discover seamless integration between Groundspan™ and Sabre that effectively bridges the gap between corporate travelers and the ground transportation company into a single portal. Users booking in Sabre will gain free access to Groundspan’s 3,000+ global ground providers, including existing client preferred vendors/rates. Key Features & Benefits: - Real time pricing and confirmations - No cost and no markups – trip price is the same as going direct - Leverage PNR and profile data from Sabre - Writes a segment back into PNR - Increases preferred vendor usage - Supplemental vendor coverage if needed

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