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Updated On: Wednesday, December 11, 2019


Enhanced Refund is a Red App that runs in the background every time an Agent refunds a ticket and performs the following functions: • Warns the agent that there is a PNR open in the work area that is unrelated to the PNR within which the ticket was originally issued. This is to prevent the inclusion of the ticket refund information in a PNR it does not belong to. • Collects a series of refunded ticket values that Sabre does not include in the Refund IUR and writes them as remarks in the PNR. The remarks are either written in the Ticket PNR or the Reference PNR created by Sabre. This process enhances the standard Sabre IUR and provides any Back Office System that reads information off the IUR with all the data needed to correctly process the refund transaction. • When the ticket to be refunded was issued on a net fare, the app will optionally delete the gross fare accounting line that Sabre creates and replace it with the correct Net Fare accounting line.

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December 5, 2019
This version has been optimized for SR360
May 20, 2016
We have enhanced the app with a new settings page.
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