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Updated On: Monday, March 22, 2021

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RedApp performs a quality check on End Transaction step. Presence of the following data in the PNR is examined:
- passport information for each passenger in the form of DOCS SSR.
- child passenger information in the form of CHLD SSR. The recognition of a child passenger is based on *Cxx parameter in the name field (where xx is a child's age, range between 02-11, e.g. ALONE KEVIN*C05)  
- infant passenger information in the form of INFT SSR.
- emergency contact information in the form of CTCM or CTCE SSR. 

If any information described above is missing, RedApp will prompt the user to add it to the PNR. This step is optional and can be skipped without any additional modifications to the PNR.

Apart from CTCM and CTCE SSRs, the contact information is stored also as an OSI remark.
This RedApp is applicable for both Sabre Red 360 desktop and Sabre Red Web versions.

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