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Sold by: Deem Ground (formerly Global Ground Automation, Inc.)



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Updated On: Thursday, November 14, 2013


Deem Car Service is free of charge for Travel Counselors and TMCs! Click the contact seller button above to request this free app from Deem, or ask your company's Sabre Admin to request the app. Deem Car Service in Sabre Red is a solution designed for Travel Counselors to shop for and book ground transportation from a global network of ground transportation merchants. The app leverages PNR information from the Sabre Red Workspace and populates data like dates, flight info, etc. into our ground booking interface. The travel counselor is able to enter trip information (i.e. passenger, pickup, dropoff), and then select an available merchant from the corresponding price matrix. Once a confirmation is returned from the provider, the Deem App will write a live HK ground segment into the PNR in the Sabre Red Workspace.

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  • Anonymous September 8, 2016

    Downloaded the App and although the initial process of getting it onto my desktop was a bit cumbersome, i love the enhanced funticionality it provides over the scripts i have used for years. The google maps integration for determining pick-up times is terrific and it is great that it pulls all segments into the car service booking which can se selected as a pick-up or drop-off point. Rate shop is anothe enahncement that is great. If it was easier to download i'd give it 5 stars.

  • A GREEN May 31, 2016

    Frequently need to add limos to an air only pnr. Have been able to enter a Hotel HOD number in other tools that will populate all of the hotel data, and it doesn't appear to be an option on this app. Only the first day using it but it seems quite rough.

    Deem Ground (formerly Global Ground Automation, Inc.)

    Deem Ground, a world-class ground transportation marketplace, has developed patented technologies that automate and simplify the ground transportation reservation process for corporations, travel managers, and car service providers. Deem Ground connects a roster of Fortune 1000 companies to more than 33,500 car service providers, including Carey, Boston Coach, and Empire/CLS. 9 of the top 10 travel management companies use Deem Ground products to automate their ground booking processes.

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