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CO2 Travel Footprint
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Category: Eco-Friendly
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Updated On: Monday, September 30, 2019


Man made activities produces greenhouse gases, which impact the climate. CO2 travelfootprint app allows your agency to offset the environmental impact of air travel, hotel stays and car rentals with carbon credits or reforestation actions.

CO2 travelfootprint is a free app that transforms your sustainable business and offers commissions for each sale, paid via PayPal.

In addition, CO2 travelfootprint allows you to include your agency's logo on the compensation certificates that have been issued. Check the marginal income your agency has achieved, with detailed reports of each transaction processed at www.co2travelfootprint.com

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Personal CO2

Personal CO2

Increase your revenue stream by engaging your customers to develop a more sustainable world. Personal CO2 Zero presents CO2 Travel Footprint app that enable Travel agents to offer clients a reliable source to offset their carbon footprint based on their travel booking (air, hotel and car). CO2 Travel Footprint will automatically insert a remark into the PNR and certificate will be sent to traveller's email. Travel agent can select from a list of available carbon credit's projects (such as solar energy, hidro and wind power plants, projects to replace fossil fuel by renewable and REDD - Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and forest Degradation), as well as reforestation to offset the desired amount of GHG emissions.

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