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The BookingBuilder Sabre Red App is a simple communications connector that is necessary to facilitate interaction between BookingBuilder Desktop (and/or BookingBuilder Genie) and Sabre.  The BookingBuilder Red App works in conjunction with the BookingBuilder software described below, which is an installed application, has a small license fee, and is not available through the Sabre Red App Centre.  By itself the BB Sabre Red App does not provide any functionality.  Please contact for information on how to license BookingBuilder products.

BookingBuilder Desktop automates searching and purchasing web-only fares. BB Desktop provides content from over 30 websites and instantly provides fare comparisons between these websites. It automates the error-free movement of traveler and itinerary data between Sabre and these websites.  When purchasing airline tickets online, BB Desktop improves productivity by 75% over booking online manually. Not only are transactions faster, but PNRs are quickly created in a complete and consistent manner with no errors.

BookingBuilder Genie is a revolutionary point-of-sale quality assurance, customer service and agent messaging tool. BB Genie’s intelligent ‘behind the scenes’ monitoring system will interact with the agent at relevant points in the transaction to provide agency management directed customer-specific information, supplier information, general travel information, procedural hints, shortcuts, and a host of other details; the agent will receive exactly the right information at the right time. BB Genie has been proven to move market share between suppliers, improve service and reduce errors. Increases in efficiency and profitability are also achievable with BB Genie.

As always no contract is required to use BookingBuilder products. For more information about BookingBuilder Desktop and/or Genie visit or email  For questions about the BookingBuilder Red App, or general BookingBuilder support, please reach us at

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