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Blue Ribbon Bags
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Updated On: Wednesday, October 19, 2022


For a $5 service fee, BRB will track and expedite the return of your lost baggage for the first 96 hours of it being lost. If your luggage is not in your hands within 96 hours, BRB pays $1,000 for each bag guaranteed; no receipts for baggage contents required to receive payment. Higher coverage options are available. BRB pays a 20% commission on each sale. • Proof of baggage contents (receipts) is NOT required to receive payment. • You must have filed a claim with the airline BEFORE reporting your lost baggage to Blue Ribbon Bags. Mishandled bags must be reported to BRB within 24 hours of reporting the lost bag to the airline. • One service agreement ($5) covers all baggage checked with the airline, including last-minute baggage checked at the gate, and each purchase is per person, per PNR, regardless of the number of connections or stop-overs. • Baggage protection may be purchased at any time prior to your flight's departure. www.blueribbonbags.com

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  • JOSE ROJAS Mundo Viajes March 22, 2019

    Muy facil de vender en SABRE y facilita y da tranquilidad al momento en que se pierde algun equipaje ya que el rastreo lo hacen muy eficientemente

  • DANILO CHAVARRIA March 22, 2019

    Excelente herramienta, da seguridad y tranquilidad a los clientes además del excelente servicio de búsqueda y seguimiento. 100% recomendada.

  • Cesar GUTIERREZ March 19, 2019

    Buenas tardes Esta herramienta es agil y de mucha confianza para ofrecerla y venderla a nuestros clientes

  • Felipe RIOS March 19, 2019

    Blue Ribbon Bags es la mejor!! Nos han ayudado mucho con nuestros pasajeros vacacionales y corporativos. Es un producto acorde a las necesidades actuales, nos entrega seguridad y asistencia en tiempo real. Nuestros pasajeros felices!

  • ETHEL DANIELS March 19, 2019

    Blue Ribbon Bags is very good product to sell. It gives clients the assurance that if they lose their bags - Blue Ribbon Bags will help them and find the bags. One less thing to worry about!

  • MIREILLE KEARNS March 19, 2019

    A great app! Very easy to use and a wonderful added service for clients - I would always recommend!

  • Marcha Alexander March 19, 2019

    Blue Ribbon Bags Red app is very user friendly. Great product and service!

  • Suzanne VISAGIE March 19, 2019

    I loooooove Blue Ribbon Bags. The app works great, it is so fast and easy and an added service we can provide - and we've got another happy client!

  • Yolanda BARKHUIZEN March 19, 2019

    The blue ribbon bags red app is an amazing extra service that you can give to your clients. It is quick and easy to use. I would definitely recommend to everyone!

  • GLORIA GUTIERREZ DIAZ March 14, 2019

    La herramienta de Blu Ribbon Bags es muy práctica y fácil de usar . Nuestros Pasajeros quedan muy tranquilos al saber que tienen esta obción, la cual les permite tener un viaje muy placentero y relajado

    October 18, 2022
    July 21, 2015
    Version 1.0.4

      Blue Ribbon Bags

      Blue Ribbon Bags (BRB) protects every bag your client takes on the plane for $5, per passenger, per booking (PNR). For every lost bag BRB pays a minimum of $1000, per bag, if the bag is not returned to the customer within 4 days of the flight’s arrival. No proof of what was in the bag is required to receive payment. Higher coverage options available. Payments are received on the 5th day after the flight’s arrival via FEDEX. This service can be purchased up until the moment before any flight’s departure. All bags are covered, even bags checked at the gate at the last minute. All US Domestic, Canadian Domestic, and all International flights anywhere in the world are covered, all Code-Share partners and all connections included.

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