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For a $5 service fee, BRB pays $1,000 for each bag LOST by the airline after 4 days missing; no receipts for baggage contents required to receive payment. Higher coverage options are available ($7.50 pays $1500 and $10 pays $2000). BRB pays a 20% commission on each sale, commissions are paid quarterly. • You are eligible for reimbursement if your baggage is not returned to you within 4 days of your flight's arrival. • Proof of baggage contents (receipts) is NOT required to receive payment. • You must have filed a claim with the airline BEFORE reporting your lost baggage to Blue Ribbon Bags. • One service agreement ($5) covers all baggage checked with the airline, including last-minute baggage checked at the gate. • One service agreement ($5) is per person, per PNR, regardless of the number of connections or stop-overs. • Baggage protection may be purchased at any time prior to your flight's departure.

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  • CBS March 16, 2015

    Very easy, Works well. Highly Recommended

  • milan gandi May 22, 2014

    THis is so much easier than before there was an app. just booked my first PNR it was so simple and quick. Thanks.

  • Aharon Steinberg May 22, 2014

    excellent app. it is very easy to use. no time consuming. it is a win win situation for the agent and customer. highly recommanded to use for every ticketed PNR.

    Blue Ribbon Bags

    Blue Ribbon Bags (BRB) protects every bag your client takes on the plane for $5, per passenger, per booking (PNR). For every lost bag BRB pays a minimum of $1000, per bag, if the bag is not returned to the customer within 4 days of the flight’s arrival. No proof of what was in the bag is required to receive payment. Higher coverage options available. Payments are received on the 5th day after the flight’s arrival via FEDEX. This service can be purchased up until the moment before any flight’s departure. All bags are covered, even bags checked at the gate at the last minute. All US Domestic, Canadian Domestic, and all International flights anywhere in the world are covered, all Code-Share partners and all connections included.