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Updated On: Thursday, September 8, 2022


The AutoPilot Red App provides connectivity between the Sabre point of sale and the AutoPilot Agent QC application.   A seperate software installation is required to gain reservation processing.

AutoPilot is a point of sale QC product which allows the agency to process customized file finishing rules right in front of the user.   Build your rules in the Agency Technology web console and enable them for processing in the datacenter for online reservations, at point of sale for agents, or both.  Prompt the agent for required information and correct errors before the customer is off the phone using the same logic utilized in the mid-office. 

No more need to develop scripts to match your mid-office, the same rules run in all booking channels!

Reduce error rates and improve agent productivity by evaluating reservations at the time they are booked, and stop playing ping pong with your mid-office.  

A software services agreement for datacenter automation, point of sale automation, or both is required to run the application.  Visit for more information on our products, or email us at






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