Latest Red App Centre Release - May 28, 2019

The latest release includes two new key elements:

  • Cleanup view now available for developers. 
    In addition to notifications about version removal from now on developers have access to cleanup view of their Red Apps in Red App Details/Cleanup tab. This feature allows user to view information about Red App version cleanup schedule.
  • List all files from Scribe Red App for user.
    Developer of Scribe Red App can now view list of files uploaded in bundle.


How to Order Red Apps

Ordering Sabre Red Apps has never been easier! You now have two options when ordering a red app:

  • Manual Activation Order - using this option, you order the apps in the Red App Centre and then activate, or provision, the apps in the Sabre Red Workspace Agency Administration Tool. As new versions of the apps you ordered are released, you would go back into the administration tool to activate them.
    Click Here to Download the Agency Administrator Tool User Guide

  • Automatic Activation Order - when using this option, you avoid using the Sabre Red Workspace Agency Administration Tool altogether. You simply order the desired red apps through the Red App Centre, and then they are automatically activated for your users. Best of all, future versions of your apps are also automatically updated for your users.


Private Red Apps

There has never been a better time to create your Agency's own Private Red App!

Private Red Apps are a great way to put your innovation into motion and set your service apart from the competition. Just submit your Red App proposal through the Red App Centre and work with your Sabre Account team to secure Sabre approval.

Once the app is published, your agency administrator(s) will be able to order the app for any or all of your agents using either the manual or automatic activation method. They can do this directly through the Red App Centre admin panel by selecting My Orders > Private Apps. Then simply choose the preferred method of ordering and you're well on your way.


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