General Questions

What is the Sabre Red App Centre?
The Sabre Red App Centre is an online B2B travel application marketplace. It is the place for travel agency owners to shop, select and purchase Red Apps created by Sabre and third-party Certified Red App Providers.

What is a Red App?
Red Apps are applications that extend the capabilities of Sabre Red 360.  A Red App can be something as simple as a script or an app that intelligently integrates mapping information to help you better serve your customers, or a form that pre-populates to help you elevate customer service and create more efficiency.

Travel Agency Questions

How do I order Red Apps?
Once you choose to order a Red App for your users, you will be presented with two order options:

  • Manual Activation Order: Once you have purchased a Red App in the Sabre Red App Centre, it will become visible in your Agency Admin tool within Sabre Red 360. Just as you have used the agency admin tool to control which tools users see, you control turning on the Red App for the right users.  
  • Automatic Activation Order: Choosing this option allows your users to be activated automatically soon after the order is complete. It also means your users will automatically be upgraded to new versions of the app whenever they are released.

How much do Red Apps cost?
Many of the Red Apps are free, while others are “paid”. Pricing is determined by each red app provider and is listed on each individual Red App storefront. There are some exceptions where the price is listed as “negotiable”, which requires contacting the app seller.

Is there a limit (or maximum) number of Red Apps I can have?
No. Each Red App comes with recommended specifications. You need to determine based on your individual system, the number of Red Apps your workstation can accommodate to maintain optimal performance of Sabre Red Workspace.

How can I access the Sabre Red App Centre?
Customers can access the Red App Centre directly from Sabre Red Workspace or by entering the following URL in their web browser:

Who can access the Red App Centre?
The Red App Centre is accessible by anybody for the purposes of searching and filtering through the app content in the marketplace. Only agency administrators are able to order Red Apps.

What credentials will I use to access the Sabre Red App Centre?
Customers can login to the Red App Centre using their Sabre ID (EPR), PCC, and password.

Can I control who has purchase rights in the Sabre Red App Centre?
Yes, contact your Sabre Account Manager. Only users identified as Agency eServices Admins in your agency have the ability to purchase apps in the Red App Centre.

How will I pay for Red Apps?
Each app seller is responsible for billing their own apps. In cases where Sabre is the app seller, you will be invoiced for your apps along with other Sabre products and services.

I am having an issue with an application, where do I go for help?
Each Red App has support information listed that should be used for help with the Red App. Customers will be able to access the support information by clicking on the Contact Us > Application Vendor Support.

How can I remove a purchased Red App from the Sabre Red Workspace?
Red Apps can be removed from an agent’s workspace using the Agency Admin tool available in Sabre Red 360 to admin users. If you want to cancel a paid app, you should contact the seller to discontinue renewal billing.

I had to reinstall Sabre Red Workspace on my computer, will I need to repurchase the Red Apps that I bought in the past to get these re-installed?
No, if an agency admin has enabled their Sabre ID/PCC for a given Red App, they will be able to access it in Sabre Red 360.

Developer Questions

How can I become a Sabre Certified Red App Provider?
Developers interested in participating in the program should submit an application through the Red App Centre. Visit and submit the “Become a Developer” application that can be accessed by clicking About > Providers > Apply.

Existing Sabre Authorized Developers can also become a Certified Red App Provider through a certification process.

Is there a cost to become a Red App Certified Provider?
There are commercial terms between Sabre and Certified Red App Providers. The details of the commercial terms will be shared with each entity that goes through the Certified Red App Provider on-boarding process.

How will I promote my Red Apps to customers?
You’ll have global exposure to Sabre Connected customers through the Red App Centre and will be able to merchandise your Red Apps. The Red App Centre provides a marketplace to connect Red App providers with Sabre’s global agency customer base.

Does Sabre provide the instructions for me to build a Red App?
Once you are a Certified Red App Provider, you will have access to the Dev Studio which provides all the tools and information you need to build Red Apps including the Sabre Red 360 Developer Toolkit, reference implementations, and access to a community to collaborate with other Certified Red App Providers.

How do I get paid for the Red Apps I sell through the Red App Centre?
Developers will invoice the agency buyers of the Red Apps directly and are responsible for collecting any payments due from the travel agencies.

What programming languages can I use to develop a Red App?
Currently the development languages supported include java, SWT, Flash/Flex, HTML, Qik, and Scribe.

Will there be any limitation on types of features/functionality allowed in Red Apps?
Yes. Red App development is subject to the terms of the Sabre Certified Red App Provider agreement and guidelines.

What is the difference between a patch and an upgrade for an existing Red App?
A patch is to make minor alterations or fixes to an existing Red App. An upgrade is to add features, functionality, or change the way your Red app is monetized. Making a patch or upgrade to your Red App will entail a new uploaded of the code bundle, putting it through our certification process. If you want to upgrade your app, contact your Account Manager to discuss the nature of the upgrades and the approval process.