18 June 2012



Red App Security Requirements


These pages explain Sabre's requirements for Sabre Red App Certified Developers (Red App developers) and Red Apps. Red App developers are responsible for these requirements. These requirements are subject to change, so please check this website periodically.


Skills for Red App Developers. These are the skills that all Red App developers need for using the Red App Developer Toolkit to build Red Apps. The skills and techniques that developers need to build Red Apps that handle cardholder or personal data are also included.


Sabre Red Apps-SecurityRequirements. These are security requirements for coding Red Apps. They are organized into general requirements for all Red Apps and requirements for Red Apps that handle cardholder or personal data.


Sabre Red Apps-SecurityInformation. These requirements inform you about security documentation that you must provide when you submit a Red App to Sabre for validation and certification.


Sabre Red Apps-CertificationTesting. These are some of the tests that Sabre's Red App Certification Engineer will conduct on your Red App, however, this is not a comprehensive list.