Why use Sabre Red Apps? 

Sabre® Red™ Apps are optional, authorized applications that extend the functionality of the Sabre® Red™ 360. The apps you'll find were created by Sabre® and leading Sabre Red App Certified Providers to give agencies the power to choose the tools they need.


With Sabre Red Apps, you will:


  • Simplify your workflow
  • Enhance traveler services
  • Deliver efficiencies
  • Drive more revenue
  • Enhance customer service
  • Bring value into the point of sale

The possibilities are endless!

What is the process? How do I get a Sabre Red App?

Anyone can browse innovative apps that help you to extend the capabilities of the Sabre Red 360. Those with Agency eServices administrative or ordering rights can request/purchase Sabre Red Apps. If you do not have these rights, encourage your agency administrator to request a Red App that could benefit your agency.

  • Sabre Red App Centre from Sabre Red 360, with single sign on.
  • Shop ― Simply shop the Red App Centre to pick which apps you’d like to integrate into your Sabre Red 360.
  • Order - You're now ready to order an app or contact the seller for more information. Check out this Quick Reference Guide to learn how to order and turn on a Red App using the Sabre Red 360 Agency Administrator Tools.
  • Order a Free App - Ordering free Red Apps is simple. Just click the "Free - Order Now" button and order an app in one step.
  • Order a Paid App - Click the “contact the seller” link for more information, including pricing. 
  • Activate - Once you have completed the order process, you will be able to turn on the app for users using the Agency Administrator Tools within Sabre Red 360Learn more about how to turn on Red Apps using the Agency Administrator Tools.


What are private Sabre Red Apps?

Private Sabre Red Apps are apps that are unique to your agency’s needs and only available to your agency. They are not visible to users who are browsing the Red App Centre.

By building a private Red App, you are creating new capabilities or using existing solutions that can integrate directly into the Sabre Red 360.

  • Put all of your tools in one place.
  • Design an app to listen and react to events within the Sabre Red 360.
  • Deploy updates with ease - everyone gets the update at the same time.

If you are interested in a private Red App, you can:

  • Apply today to become a Certified Red App Provider
  • Contact your Sabre account manager for more information.