Sabre Red App Centre

The Sabre® Red App Centre is the world’s first B2B app marketplace for the travel industry, where agents can shop and request Red Apps that they can use to extend the capabilities of their Sabre® Red 360. With the power of Red Apps, travel agencies have the ability to customize Sabre Red 360 to fit the specific needs of their agency. The Sabre Red App Centre is part of Sabre Travel Network®.


What are Sabre Red Apps?

Sabre Red Apps are optional, authorized applications that are visually and functionally integrated within the Sabre Red 360. Red Apps interact with Sabre Red 360, providing a new level of integration. By choosing Red Apps that meet your specific business needs, and even the specific needs of each agent in your office, you will be able to create a customized environment for optimal agent productivity and customer service.

Red Apps leverage the technical capabilities of the Eclipse Rich Client Platform, which is the open source software upon which Sabre Red 360 is built and operates. Red Apps are developed by Sabre or by Sabre Red App Certified Providers and are available to request or purchase in the Sabre Red App Centre.